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Jeep Talk / Gearing special group deal
« on: March 08, 2018, 09:38:24 AM »
One time good deal from our friends at lucky dog. 

If you need to regear your Jeep you might want to venture over to Facebook or call Chad ASAP. 

Jeep Talk / What to do first?
« on: November 28, 2017, 07:27:04 PM »
Bringing this over from FB.  Things get a little convoluted in those threads.

For the new owners who wonder what to do 1st to your Jeep. This is my opinion.

My list assumes that your Jeep is a daily driver that you can wheel on the weekends**.  I started where I did because a stock Jeep is quite capable off road and wheeling It stock will help you become comfortable with it before the standard lift and big tire addition.   

1.  Headlights.  Quality, DOT approved (like really approved, not $100 Amazon lights) LED units.  Unless you have a 17+ Rubi or Sahara or paid for the upgrade as a factory option this is MANDATORY.  The stock units are like driving by candle light at best. 

2.  Deep rubber floor mats.  If you're keeping the carpet you'll want these, especially if you follow Molly into the mud pits and have to get out to pull cable.  Suggest front, rear and cargo area.  The Mopar set is better than nothing but suggest, Qaudratec, Weathertec and similar.

3.  Basic requirements for being off-road.  Tools, first-aid, recovery strap, fire extinguisher, and a CB.     

4.  Rocker protection - can have a built in step or not but needs to be frame mounted, real protection. 

5.  Evap canister relocation - move this out of the way so it doesn't get ripped off and strand you on the trail.

6.  Seat covers and console cover.  The rubber or leather console lid gets HOT when running topless so wrap that rascal.  Mud will come in the windows when off road and you might as well protect the upholstery from the elements and occupants.

7.  Metal grab handles.  Sure, all the color matched para-cord handles are cute but the metal ones really help you get in.  This will be super important once you lift it.

8.  Lift it.  I recommend a spring lift  but hold off on this until you can afford a complete lift that addresses all the changes a lifted Jeep will create like caster angle, axle alignment, brakes, exhaust, drive shaft clearance, bump stops and sway bar angle and disconnect.  Since this is a  daily driver my recommendation is 2-3.5 inch lifts.

9.  Tires.  This gets a little tricky because a tire change will need to take into account the speedometer calibration, gearing, wheel back-spacing, spare mounting and flex of the installed suspension.  There are some good charts for the gearing recommended for each transmission type and tire sizes.  My general rule of thumb -3.21 gears = 33 max.  3.73 gears = 33-34 max.  4.10 gears 35 max.  If you plan to use stock wheels then a wheel spacer will be needed.  Make sure it is hub-centric and properly torqued.  The speedo can be handled with tire size calibrators from AEV or Superchips.  You'll need to flex the suspension to make sure you have the correct amount of bump stops to prevent your new tires from ripping you fenders off (might be time to trim the stock fenders) or causing tub damage.  Will the spare still fit?  Even if it does fit on the tailgate it is probably too heavy and you should consider a tire mounting option like the Tera-flex Alpha hinged carrier that beefs up the tailgate hinges to handle the added weight.                       

10.  Bumpers.  Some metal bumpers would be prudent at this point

11.  Winch.  You got the bumper now put a winch on it

12.  Armor - In the form of metal fender flares and oil pan skid

** My list does not address the variety of accoutrements that you'll want like safari mirrors for running doorless etc...

Off Topic / But wait....
« on: September 21, 2017, 04:01:10 PM »

So I started feeling bad that I walked away with so much stuff from the Poker run that I decided to give one away. 

Here’s what’s up for gtabs: OTBX pack

-Wooden bottle holder (am told this would be good for 10% off future purchases if you brought it in)
-64 oz glass growler
-growler coozie
-2 pint glasses
-$20 gift card

Here’s how to play:

Post a link in this thread to your Build thread on the RCW forum.  Please no extra posts in this thread as I will use a random number generator app to pick the winning thread. Random post with out a link to your Build thread will be ignored and please only post one UNLESS you have multiple Jeeps. I Will pick a winner Sunday night Sep24th.  If you win you will have to pick your prize up.

**Everyone that has/creates a build thread is eligible


Jeep Talk / Where to go off-road
« on: September 21, 2017, 09:39:00 AM »
Since this gets asked a lot here and on FB I thought I’d start a listing of places to go beat up your Jeep.   It would be great if details could get filled in with maps, recommended trails and places I missed.   

Stoney Lonesome
10075 Hwy 69S Breman AL

Holly tree off-road park
621 county rd 604 Hollytree AL

Choccolocco Mtn
1312 Louise Dr SE Jacksonville AL

Hale Mountain
30 Elora Mountain Rd Elora TN

Hawk Pride Mtn
3834 Hawk Pride Mountain Rd
Tuscumbia AL

Adventure Off-Road Park (AOP)
1040 Ellis Cove Rd
South Pittsburg TN 37380

Busted Knuckle Off-road Park
17376 AL Hwy 117
Stevenson, AL 35772

Iron Gap road
Keith springs community center 219 Iron Gap Rd Belvedere, Tn to 5491 Co Rd 175 Estillfork, AL.

Wheelin in the Country
128 Anderson Creek Rd
Summertown, TN
Find on FB. Website is outdated

Windrock Park
912 Windrock Rx
Oliver Springs, TN 37840

Jeep Talk / U Joints
« on: July 25, 2017, 01:54:23 PM »
Does anyone know if there was a u-joint change for 2012 & 2013?   The new u-joints I got in are too small but every site I look at says the Moog 377 is the correct part for the 2012 JKU Sahara.

I'm wondering if there was a change in front drive shaft yokes for 13 and my 12 Jeep got those parts???

Jeep Talk / Fender opinion for TJ
« on: June 14, 2017, 07:16:48 PM »
So the boys are planning to take advantage of Lucky Dog Metalcloak deal and get so MC fenders for the TJ. 

They have decided on the arched fender over the flat one but still trying to decide on the flare width.   4" or 6"????   The stock fender and flare are nearly 11" wide so in my mind the 6" has 1/2 the coverage of stock.  The boys like the look of the 4". 

This is a daily driver, mall crawler 95% of the time and having less water spraying everywhere with low experience drivers is another one of my arguments.   

They can easily be run w/o the flare on good weather days and wheeling trips.   


Jeep Talk / OMIX-ADA / Rugged Ridge open house
« on: June 03, 2017, 09:50:15 PM »
We were in town so we ran over to check it out.  Hundreds of Jeeps there (non Jeep visitors had to park across the street and Jeeps got to climb the curb and park in the grass around their building).  A couple of local dealers were there selling and showing off some of the RR stuff plus there was a warehouse scratch n dent sale.  The raffle supported habitat for humanity.  We won a set of rock lights!

They also have a very impressive collection of vehicles.  Many I did not get pics of.

Jeep Talk / Steering wheel controls
« on: June 03, 2017, 09:36:08 PM »
So mine just died overnight.  All front and rear controls except for cruise control no longer work.  Any ideas? 

Jeep Talk / Jeep thoughts...Favorite little mods
« on: May 17, 2017, 10:57:19 AM »
As I was pulling into the gym yesterday I was thinking about some of the favorite small, simple and sometimes inexpensive mods that I've done and what my favorite one is. This was one of the 1st things I add to my JK.

VDP roll top dash storage.  Almost lost a nice pair of sunglasses before getting this one.

Close behind is my phone mount that I picked up at the UOR show last summer. 

And the other is my quadratec floor mats.

Jeep Talk / Crazy deal on KO2
« on: May 09, 2017, 07:04:30 PM »

Jeep Talk / Strip them Jeeps nekkid
« on: May 08, 2017, 07:37:36 PM »

Jeep Talk / 04 Rubi locker light
« on: May 08, 2017, 06:36:28 PM »
On the last off road trip the rear locker light would constantly flash like it was not engaged.  The front lit up like normal.  After a quick inspection today, all the air lines were intact and pumps are functioning.  The wiring harness to the rear is severed however.  Is this a replaceable piece?  Anyone got a part number and some instructions?  I'm assuming since the pump runs that the locker is engaged but with the wires broken just the signal is corrupt. 

Please advise.

Jeep Talk / New Jeep opinion
« on: March 25, 2017, 02:22:09 PM »
Saw this ad and think this would be a good buy as my replacement.  Take a look at the add on and let me know what you think

It's a 13 Rubicon dark blue with black hardtop.  37k miles

...on this Jeep. AEV front and rear bumpers and tire carrier. Warm platinum 9500 winch.  AEV 3.5in lift. AEV wheels. 37" Cooper STT mud terrains in good condition. Front axle sleeved and gusseted, HD ball joints, JKS flex connect sway bar end links, Fox ATS steering stabalizer, Currie HD trac bar, drag link and tie rod. RCV front axle shafts. Woods front driveshaft. Teraflex big brake kit with master cylinder upgrade. Dual on board ViAir air compressors and 5 gallon air tank. Spod switches and air gauge. Rear AEV diff cover, Offroad evolution skid plates. Dual deep cycle batteries. Rock crawler exhaust. 50" rigid light bar. Rigid duallys mounted in front bumper. Baja designs duallys on windshield mounts. Warn HID bumper lights. Painted black inside of hard top with hot heads head liners on all panels. Poison Spyder rocker guards. Truck light LED head lights. Rear inside cargo rack. High lift jack on tire carrier.

Jeep Talk / When Jeep is life
« on: March 14, 2017, 03:41:35 PM »

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