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A Great sponsor that came on board with us last year and is back again this year is Dometic.  Killer refridgerator systems for your rig!!!  I know that guy that won the unit last year was pretty freaking stoked!!!!  Thank you Dometic!!!!

Elevated Offroad in Murfreesboro, Tn is doing some really cool builds right now, check them out on Facebook and IG for the latest.  We are thankful for their support of Reid and our event.  Really looking forward to seeing what they bring on to Adventure Offroad Park in March to display!!!!

Shawn and Tom Wood have been such good sponsors for our Event and for Reid. These guys deliver at every stage of the game.  High quality products, killer customer service and a generous spirit.  Thank you Tom and all the guys at Tom Wood's Custom Driveshafts!!

Tom and Tom's 4x4 Superstore in Chattanooga, Tn has been an amazing sponsor since the very day this event was conceived.  Big, Big Thanks to Tom, his generosity and heart for Reid. 

A huge part of Crawling for Reid has been some of the sponsors that have been so generous since day one.  Allsouth Autosports in Buford, Ga has been an amazing partner and generous sponsor, all for Reid.  Big Thanks to Danny and his shop for continuing to support Crawling for Reid!!

How do you do your recovery?  Factor 55 has you covered to do it the safest way possible!!!!

Thank you Factor 55 for another year of generous sponsorship!

Excited to have Rough Country back on board with us.  Very consistent and generous supporters of our event. 

Thank you Rough Country!!!!

Lighting, Lighting, Lighting....everyone loves hi quality lighting for those killer night rides.  High Beam Offroad in Tennessee has partnered with Crawling or Reid again this year with some of their high quality lighting products for our raffle!!!!!  Thank you High Beam!!!

Richard at JP 5 Performance Engineering has been a supporter of our event from year 1, excited and thankful to them back again this year!!!!!


Thank you SpiderwebShade for you support and generosity to our event. Great American company to do business with!!!!

Excited to have our new sponsor Dynatrac on board with us this year.  Thank you Dynatrac for joining our event!!!!!

12 Volt guy makes some of the coolest and well prepared switch panels out there...and the customer service is amazing.  Very pleased to have 12 volt guy as a supporter of the event.  Sweet In-Cab winch control panel with wiring harness for the raffle!!!


What an incredible weekend!!!   The 4th Annual Crawling for Reid event was an amazing success!

Thanks to all of our generous supporters and vendors we had over 2000 people through the gate and raised $178,000 for Reid and Dr. Tolarís  research team at the University of Minnesota.


We are so overwhelmed and grateful to everyone that participated through donations, the jeep raffle or by attending the event and buying merchandise or participating in the bucket raffles. The Crawling For Reid community is absolutely the best! Thank you all so much for all you fo to support Reid and EB research!

Met some of you guys at Check-In Saturday morning.  Thanks for coming out, hope you all enjoyed the event.

I'll post up final numbers in the next day or so but the event was an amazing success, thanks to great clubs like you that came out to support.

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