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Tire Pressure - Analog vs TPMS vs Pencil vs Compressor
« on: September 18, 2019, 06:04:57 PM »
Strangest thing... for some reason I decided to toy around with tire valves and gauges and such and discovered an anomaly in either my equipment or my eye balls.  Seems that the on-board dash display (TPMS) reads 32 psi cold, but referencing to a standard pencil gauge gave me about 28 psi.  To make matters more interesting, an Accu-Gauge (analog) also gave me 28 psi and the the ARB Deflator a rough 29-30 psi, but yet the Campbell compressor gave me a 36 psi!

I'm sitting on Toyo 35s with an est. 3.5" lift on a '13 JKUS, and - no - I don't have a digital gauge and not quite sure where those sit on the accuracy scale, which readings I suspect may be affected by the expected battery drain rates, etc.  All this seems to suggest I'm going to be a "patch-tad" off (or more) for any air-down or weather related adjustments.

Any thoughts?



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